Thank God It's Monday

Today was a TGIM day. I hosted 30 people for dinner on Friday night, went to a prayer breakfast Saturday morning, took my 4-year old to a birthday party, drove my teenager to football and back, and then tried to get the three kids to clean up the house, do homework and school projects, and fit in a bike ride on Sunday while my husband was on a business trip to Florida. I was spent. Monday couldn’t come soon enough. Sometimes work, with all of its challenges, can feel like a retreat!

I am a business owner and mom to three beautiful souls—a teenager, ten-year old, and cute little 4-year old. My days start at 6 am (assuming we aren’t counting the night hours when toddlers need soothing) and I try to be asleep by 10 pm. . . with hardly a minute to spare.

I’ve owned a medical aesthetics business for over 15 years with my husband, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon. I started working full time in the business in 2014, thinking I would get back to a career. Imagine my surprise when I found out in February 2015 that I was pregnant! I had thought I was done having kids. Needless to say, the best gifts are often unanticipated. My little Atticus has been a constant source of joy.

Over the next few months, I’ll be adding to the “beauty” files here on the blog. I’ll share with you some of the challenges I’ve faced in my business, easy ways to look and feel your best, and a few of my own enhancement journeys. I’d love to answer any of your beauty questions, so send them my way!

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