The 411 on the Flu- Tips you need to know!

Cold and Flu season is upon us! I know we all become a mama bear the moment our child becomes sick, so we want to help prepare you for the season ahead. We sat down with Dr. Tiffany Vossoughi DNP FNP-C of House Call HealthCare to get the facts and share some tips for you and your family! Here's what she had to say:


  • Arizona had 1,118 influenza related deaths last year.

  • Arizona had 5 pediatric deaths.

  • I found that even if an individual got the flu shot and still got the flu it was significantly less virulent than if they didn’t get vaccinated. 


  • Influenza vaccination is a dead virus vaccination so it is impossible to cause the flu.

  • Many practices including my own carry single dose preservative free vaccinations so as to eliminate the concerns about thermerisol (a preservative found in some vaccines). 

  • They have again approved the live nasal vaccine for toddlers.  It had been pulled from the market for the past 2 years because of concerns about effectiveness. 

  • The flu shot takes 2 weeks to start working so it is possible for your to contract the flu within that window so it is important to get vaccinated early.

  • Typically the flu prevalence increases around Thanksgiving most likely due to cross country traveling.

In Arizona, flu season peaks January to March. 
  • Influenza is most deadly for the very young and elderly however most people do not realize the impact influenza can have.  People sometimes say they had the “flu” however if they were not diagnosed with a rapid analyzer it is not confirmed.

  • The flu and its side effects will typically knock people down for about 3-4 weeks unlike the typical 4-5 days with a cold or sinus infection.  Unfortunately half of that month is spent in bed unable to function with fevers as high at 103 in adults.  I have personally seen the impact this can have on a young family.

  • The number one preventions for the flu are influenza vaccinations and frequent hand washing.  I also recommend to my patients that they avoid touching their face at all during cold and flu season to avoid germs from entering your mucous membranes of the face.


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Dr. Tiffany Vossoughi DNP FNP-C


Thank you, Dr. Tiffany Vossoughi, for sharing these important facts so that the Desert Mom community can make the best decisions for their family this sick season!

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