The Best Day Ever

“This was the best day ever Mommy!“

Those were the words out of my 6-year olds mouth... weeks into quarantine. I tried to hide my shock because well, we have traveled the world with these kids, done millions of things and clearly, in my opinion, it wasn’t one of our “better” days. We weren’t on schedule, we were housebound and my patience was running so thin I am sure my neighbors heard all my yelling.

BUT in his mind, this day ranked pretty high up there.

And just maybe he was right.

We stayed in pj's all morning and blasted music while we built forts. We ate A LOT of snacks all day. We became pen pals with “Grammie” by writing a letter and walking it to the mailbox. We played with the hose in the backyard (just the hose nothing “sprinkler- like fancy,”) we dug in the dirt, we rode bikes till dusk, and we had a family dinner that we didn’t have to shove down because we were running late to sports. We baked cookies that night, played board games and started a family puzzle. Bathtime wasn’t rushed because bedtime is.... well pretty flexible these days.

The next day I vented to MY 94-year old grandma who told me to just enjoy the “slow down” and the “reset.” Get back to the basics- because what else do we really need?

This was the way of life before all the technology, sports, schedules and Amazon.

I think she is right.

My son agrees because according to him, these “retro” days are THE BEST DAYS EVER!

What is the silver lining to your stay-at-home days?

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