The Easiest Way to Save Christmas Cards

I absolutely adore Christmas cards. I look forward to them arriving by mail every year, and I rip into those envelopes like a kid. I love seeing all the beautiful family pictures and watching my friends’ children grow. Christmas cards are a slow and gracious holiday tradition.

When I had my first baby, I started saving all the super cute holiday cards we sent and received every year. I just couldn’t throw them away. They ended up in the bottom of one of the Christmas boxes, but every year in December, I’d look through the stack and reminisce over all the adorable picture and cards. In January, I’d add a few more to the pile when the box was returned to the garage.

A few years ago, I pulled out all the cards I saved and was awed by how much love and joy was in that stack of cards. Every card wishes my family and me peace and blessings and has gorgeous pictures of people I love who have blessed me and my family over so many years. I couldn’t throw my little hoard back into the box so I assembled them onto a binder ring. A quick hole punch in one corner and all the cards were organized and easily flipped through by small hands. The Christmas cards are now part of my holiday décor. I love pulling the cards out and placing them on our coffee table. My kids and I love flipping through them and talking about friends we have made and watching families grow and change.

I look forward to adding more cards to the ring every year. The cards are a beautiful way to have a tangible way to hold the love and blessings they carry.

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