The Family Board Meeting

Top Tips for implementing it with our Spouse

So, what is the family board meeting? It’s a weekly meeting you schedule with your spouse to manage your life together. This is outside of a date night so those can be about having fun together. These conversations are so important to my husband and myself. It gives us a chance to talk about things that are concerning us without letting them build up.

What are the rules to the family board meeting?

  1. The meeting is on the same day and time every week. You book appointments with Dr.’s that you know if you miss the appointment it takes forever to reschedule? Looking at this weekly meeting as just important helps you prioritize it on your calendar.

  2. If you can’t stick to rule number 1 the meeting is rescheduled in the same week.

  3. The meeting is done outside of the home. This helps keep distractions to a minimum but also if there are stressful things talked about if gives you a chance to process before going home.

  4. The meeting should be one in the morning or during the day. Not near bedtime. It’s almost impossible to have a stressful conversation and then try to get a good night sleep. My husband and I have lunch together every Wednesday.

What are some suggested topics to discuss:

  • Household budget

  • Concerns with the kids

  • Your stress temperature gauge

  • Your spouse’s stress temperature gauge

  • Date nights-Get them scheduled

  • Time for yourself

  • Time for your spouse to have time for themselves

  • Time with friends

  • One on one time with the kids

  • Division of responsibility and what needs to get done in the upcoming week

  • Intimacy temperature gauge

All of these topics are some of the most common reasons for divorce. By talking about them on a regular basis it allows you to work through things quicker instead of letting them build up. How strong would all of our marriages be if we just took one hour a week focused on them?

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