The New After School Activity: Boredom

I came across an article from The New York Times not 24 hours after having a conversation with my husband about how our kids seem to always want to be doing something and can't sit still. We both agreed it was our fault, we created that behavior. 

You see my husband and I are blessed to spend a great deal of time with our children. I work from home part time and he is a corporate pilot so often home and involved in school and activity drop off and pick, bed routine, homework help and playtime. We are constantly doing something with our kids. The TV is rarely on in our home, with the exception of Youtube music videos my kids love to dance too. Also, my 9 year is with her mother 2 weeks a month so we've just always done as much as possible with her during our 2 weeks. 

Normally I drop and run when I hear that sweet "mommy come play with me". When my daughter comes home from school and tells me so and so is taking horseback riding lessons and in Girl Scouts, I feel the pressure to figure how to work it into the already hectic schedule. 

I've read not only this article but so many before that speak to the stimulation of creativity and mental growth in children as a result of being bored. So why have I continued to pack the days with activities, playdates and excursions? FOMO perhaps? Whatever the reason I've realized the result will always be over stimulated children who are conditioned to expect to be busy/entertained and my husband and I never fully being present in the moment....screw that routine.

I am the parent. I need to set the tone and expectations. But more importantly continuously communicate with my kids about why it's ok to feel bored and what to do with that boredom. 

I created this "I'm Bored" Buster poster with the intention of it being an inspiring go to to help my kids break their boredom. But also selfishly, to minimize the amount of "I'm bored" nagging and giving me that "easy button" default response of "go check the poster"! 

Goal for 2019: Let my kids be bored more.

Full Article:

Let Children Get Bored Again: Boredom teaches us that life isn’t a parade of amusements. More important, it spawns creativity and self-sufficiency

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