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Tips for Training Your Puppy

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

We had to put our sweet, older, well trained dog down last year and it absolutely devastated our family. It is always so hard to lose a pet! But what does a non-logical mother do? She goes out, and saves the day and brings home a puppy! A sweet, tiny, full of puppy breath pooch for my kids to love. This should be a simple transition since were used to a dog around, right? WRONG. Although we love our new addition to the family, it was a major transition for all of us. Here are a few things we didn't consider:

  1. Potty Training- I just got my final kid potty trained, and now we have a pup peeing and pooping all over the house! #sendhelp

  2. Chewing- Poor thing, he doesn't know the difference between his plastic toy, and the kids practice toy, so he has had his fair share of snacks including some chews on legos, barbies, you name it.

  3. High Energy- Seeing it is 110 outside, walks are few and far between this time of year, and this pup is FULL of energy!

We quickly learned that we needed to help tame this pup and save all of our sanity, and the kids toys, so we headed to the trusty internet to find some tips and realized we need to kick training into high gear. The benefits of training include increased problem-solving skills, mental exercise and stimulation, and bonding time for you and your dog. So how did we get started? Here are a few tips from our friends over at Camp Bow Wow....

  1. Plan. Know the behavior you're going to ask your dog to do and what signal you're going to use to ask for that behavior.

  2. Reward. Mix it up with different foods, praise, toys, play time or other activities your dog enjoys.

  3. Take Breaks. Training can get tedious for you and your dog. Pet and play breaks are encouraged!

They have even more expert advice from our professional dog trainer and certified canine behaviorist here!

Fast forward to where we are now (he is 6 months old) and there are not accidents in the house, less toys chewed up although he still likes the occasional chew of a stuffed animal, and my kids are still excited as ever to have a dog around again! Major #MomWin! This big boy is ready to learn some socialization skills from Camp Bow Wow!

Thank you Camp Bow Wow for the incredible Tips! And we have exciting news! They are opening a new location right here in Scottsdale! Want to learn more about them? Read on, or click here to sign up for updates and deals! (They also have a spin wheel to win prizes, click here to play!)

It’s important to get to know your pup care provider, as you are trusting us with a furry member of your family. With Camp Bow Wow®, you can rest assured your dog is in the best, most qualified hands in the business. Since 2000, they have been providing fun and dependable dog care services parents and pups love.

Two of the most common services are:

Dog Day Care – You’re busy but don’t want your pup to feel alone. We totally understand! That’s why we offer doggy day care, where your pup can run around with other dogs while cared for by our Certified Camp Counselors®. We have spacious play areas for maximum fun.

Dog boarding – If you’re going away for a single night or multiple weeks, our boarding service treats dogs like family, providing them all-day play, lots of attention from our staff, and Campfire Treats™ at night. Did you know day care (all-day play) is included in boarding as well?

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