Tips on How to Make Exercise a Priority

Exercise...How do I find time? As a health and wellness specialist, I hear this way to often and I GET IT! As a mom, we give so much to our children and are willing to sacrifice many things to make them a priority. Exercise and Nutrition are two components that cannot be sacrificed and you really need to sit back and ask yourself this question...

Is it Time or is it Motivation?

Tips on How to Make Exercise a Priority:

  • Prior to the start of my week, I figure out what’s planned in my calendar, mine and hubbys work schedule, doctor appointments, kid events, social events and then where in the week I could squeeze in any type of exercise. Maybe it’s 3 days/week and maybe it’s more. Just like you put work and family events in your calendar, you can also make an event to exercise!  Yes, it’s true!!! Set that as a reminder 🔔 and don’t ignore it like you wouldn’t for a work meeting.

  • When in the day are you most motivated to exercise? Do you need to wake up earlier to fit in the workout. 📢 Do you need to go to bed earlier - give up that late show?!

  • If your day is going to be hectic, maybe planning a crockpot meal or make ahead casserole dish the night prior would allow you the extra time so you can workout. Planning your meals for the week based on your week events is 🔑. I tend to wake up an extra 30 minutes earlier then the kids to prep my dinner so I have time to make it to the gym that day.

  • Categorize your importance level of tasks. What is super important to accomplish that day and what can get pushed to another day. Can you delegate certain jobs to other people like spouse or kids so you have that time to exercise.

How important is your health to you and family?

It should be #️1!

  • Plan with spouse on which days are your workouts and which days are his and stay accountable. Motivate and encourage one another to get it done.

  •  Instead of that family dinner outing every week, you change it to a family walk or trip to the gym. Change dinner date nights to a fun fitness activity!

  • Can that businesss call or meeting be done over a walk?

  • Young kids? Go to the park and avoid sitting or standing... get playful and run around with them. You could easily get in 15 minutes of cardio! Or run/walk while your kid naps in stroller.

  • Analyze your week and type of workout that will fit in nicely. Maybe it’s a DVD, evening walk, hike, playing at the park with kids, going to the gym, a class at the gym on a certain day, active meeting with a co-worker, etc. Mark it in your calendar once you know how each day will incorporate it.

  • Park really far away so you have to walk an extra 5 minutes, that will add up during the day!!

  • Pack your gym bag the night before and bring it with you, you may be surprised that you have 30 minutes or even an hour to spare to get a workout in.

  • Eliminate all the time you spend doing silly multitasking stuff such as checking social media, emails, texts, phone apps, Amazon, etc...focus on finishing the 1 task you set out to do and you will probably save 15 or more minutes. That is 15 minutes more you have to leave for your workout time! 

Remember, even if you only have 20 minutes Free, make it worth it! We don’t need to workout for 60 minutes everyday to see a positive impact. Frequent short burst of exercise is more beneficial than infrequent long workouts!

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