To-Do Tuesdays: Cafe Au Plait

I spent a recent morning with my almost two year old at Cafe Au Plait in North Scottsdale. This is the first in a series of write-ups I'm working on of fun places to take your toddler.

If you're anything like me, spending an entire day locked in the house with your toddler will drive you MAD. I HAVE to get out of the house at least once a day, and if I've already spent my monthly Target budget, I need something else to do. Oh, and probably something the kiddo will enjoy.

The need to get out and about has led me on a journey around the city, trying out all the different toddler-friendly places the Valley has to offer. I'm happy to share what I find with you, so you can have adventures of your own!

This stop was a quiet morning at Cafe Au Plait in north Scottsdale. It's kind of like an awesome mullet: business (coffee shop) in the front, party (for toddlers) in the back! Moms and dads can grab a coffee on their way in, purchase a play ticket for their kiddo ($5 per child, six months - 6 years) and head on back to the fenced-in play area to let them roam. You can play with your child, or, if you're lucky, can sit back and watch from a safe, child-free distance. We brought along two of our neighbors to play with my Henry.

Things I loved:

1. It was so cute! Details matter, and this sweet spot had cute details in droves. I loved the calm color scheme and aviation theme on the play area walls.

2. There were really a lot of play options for what isn't a huge space. A slide, blocks, a little kitchen, books, puzzles, even a ball pit, provided plenty of options and modes of distraction. The ball pit was a huge hit!

3. The coffee shop area doesn't look like you're in a kid space. If you're up at the front counter, you can't even see the play area, and you wouldn't even know it was there. It's just a really beautiful cafe.

The only thing I could think to to complain just a little about is that there isn't much variety in the way of food choices. But I had also forgotten to eat breakfast, and they ran out of their house-made Liege waffles, so I was grumpy. The Joyful Almond smoothie and banana nut muffin I had were quite delicious, until they were commandeered by toddlers.

The Details:

Cafe Au Plait

10405 E McDowell Mountain Ranch Road

Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Monday-Friday 7am - 4pm

Saturday 8am - 4pm

Closed Sunday

$5/child per visit to play

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