Welcome to Desert Moms!

We wrapped this "hello" with shades of pink and a witty poem. It’s about me. It’s about Ashley. It’s about our amazing contributor team. It's about so many moms we know and love and the ones we are yet to meet.

Ashley and I became instant friends. The kind you dream about when you are lonely in new seasons of life. We initially connected over our passion for serving, community, and our love affair with our sweet babies (we each had one at the time). We clicked fast with our shared giddiness for marketing and communications, our entrepreneurial spirits, and our mutual inability to sit still…ever! Through the years, we’ve spent so much time discussing, and simply soaking in, this DESERT LIFE--hiking, sunsets, the diversity of people, restaurants, workouts, shopping.

But possibly our greatest bond is our appreciation for CELEBRATION! Ashley and I have both had our fair share of wounds in our 30 some years of life (we’ll share about those as we go along here), but we choose to embrace the scars, to be real, to be optimistic, and to celebrate! Everyday is a gift chalked full of a million reasons to celebrate! It is our most sincere mission at Desert Moms Blog to bring that celebration to you.

We won’t always be rosy (because that’s not life), but we will always try to look for the silver lining and serve as a source of encouragement for one another.

Trust me, we get it, most days of motherhood are exhaaaauuuusting! If you’re like us, you strive to be on top of it all, but stumble into the pit of believing you are falling short. You’re hard on yourself, often stressed, and lacking sleep (likely for years now). But you are amazing, and our team over here is going to remind you of that over and over and over. Because we ALL need to hear it. We all need encouragement. It never gets old!

Do you look forward to playdates in order to grab a few moments of girl talk in your otherwise overtaken-by-littles current life stage? We’ll have those!

Do you love being mom, but long for the days when you will be a little bit more of yourself again? We’ll help with that too with this honest, open community where you can share and ask anything, not to mention some rockstar “No Kids Allowed” events!

Thanks for adventuring with us, Desert Mom.

xoxo, Michelle & Ashley

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