World of Illumination Shines Bright, Brings Joy

The world’s largest drive-through animated light show is bigger and brighter than ever, so buckle up — you’re in for the ride of your life, or at least your holiday season.

An evening drive thru at World of Illumination is a literal and metaphorical bright light in a holiday season that truly needs it most. Social Distanced ✔️ Masks Not Included ✔️ Break from Hand Sanitizer ✔️ Memorable Experience for Kids and Adults Alike ✔️ We chose the Arctic Adventure theme park in Tempe at Diablo Stadium. There is a Glendale Rockin’ Christmas experience as well. Choose the closest location, or ride through them both as they are completely different! Tune in and turn up the holiday songs. Open the windows and sun roof. Let loose and soak in the holly jolly! You’ll be sure to forget you’re still in the desert for a moment. The “snow” bubbles were the pinnacle for our kids. Reserve tickets in advance (required) and check out the nightly specials at:

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