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You Rock, Dad

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

“The power of a dad in a child’s life is unmatched.” —Justin Ricklefs

Father's Day is this weekend, and it is the perfect time to tell all the dads out there, that YOU ROCK. Moms are often depicted as the main force in a child’s life, but a father’s role is essential and irreplaceable. Check out these incredible facts about the IMPACT Father's have in their children's lives from our friends at Parent Partners Plus:

Research of early childhood and early brain development shows the positive, lifelong impact fathers have by being positively engaged early in their children’s lives, include:

  • Better success in school

  • Positive social behavior and healthy relationships

  • Higher self-esteem

  • Decreased levels of depression

Father involvement is related to positive child health outcomes in infants, such as improved weight gain in preterm infants and improved breastfeeding rates. (Garfield, C. F., & Isacco, A. (2006). Fathers and the well-child visit, Pediatrics, 117, 637-645.)

Dad's: Are you looking for more ways to get involved with your kids? According to Fatherhood.gov, dads of school-aged kids can get in that quality, impactful time by:

  • Checking your child’s homework, make sure to see what was assigned, not just what was finished.

  • Joining a parent organization at your child's school, like the PTA, to show your child that you care about how he or she does in school.

  • Being a chaperone at your child’s next school function or field trip.

  • Talking regularly with your child’s coaches, teachers, and club leaders.

  • Volunteering with your child’s sports team. Bring water, or oranges to a game, or help keep score.

So Dad's, there you have it. You matter. You are important, and we love and appreciate you so very much! What do you love about the Dad in your life? We want to hear from you!

Thank you Parent Partners Plus for the fun facts to share!

Parent Partners Plus connects families to the support system they deserve and need to be the best parents for their children. All of the programs we work with are free, voluntary and support both mothers and fathers, and other primary caregivers in a child’s life.

  • They believe in creating a solid foundation for every child’s success throughout Maricopa County.

  • They coordinate with 26 programs to serve thousands of families who are pregnant or parenting young children throughout Maricopa County.

  • Families are not one size fits all—neither are the programs. Parent Partners Plus helps families find the program that is the best fit for them.

  • Parent Partners Plus programs offer support around everyday parenting challenges and much more

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